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He’s mean. He’s angry. He’s hell-bent on global destruction.  If only he can get his mom home in time for dinner and Jeopardy, all will go as planned.  Ah the challenges of balancing your dreams with real world responsibilities.  Such is the story of supervillain, Dark Specter.

Since its introduction, the Dark Specter series has garnered praise and accolades for its unique take on the superhero genre.  This dramedy has been called “delightful,” “entertaining,” and having “just the right amount of twists and turns.”

In the first edition, we were introduced to the dynamic between the supervillain and his well-meaning, nagging mother who interrupts his battle with superhero, The Spark.  In Dark Specter 2, we get to see more of the complexities of that relationship unfold.  We also catch a glimpse into the mind of the Dark Specter, his true motives, and his identity struggle as he juggles being a supervillain and caring son.

Dark Specter 2 has been gaining momentum at film festivals across the U.S.  It won in five categories of the Independent Short Awards including Best Web Series and Best Fantasy.  Other awards include Best Fantasy Short at Indie Short Fest and Best Horror Short at 80 Screams International Film Festival.

Dark Specter is the brainchild of actor and screenwriter Bruce Nachsin.  “The original idea came from a sketch I was working on in Fred Willard’s MoHos sketch comedy group,” says Bruce.  “The concept went over so well that I started diving into the story further and eventually developed what would become Dark Specter.” 

With the success of Dark Specter 1, Bruce reached out to his old friend, long-time theatre director, actor, and fellow comic book nerd, Richard Tatum, to direct Dark Specter 2.  “I don’t think anyone has attacked a superhero story in quite this way,” says Richard.  “It’s the kind of project I had been dying to try my hand at as a director.  I mean, it had everything I could want – action, superheroes, comedy, and a lot of heart without pretense — and so I was thrilled at the opportunity to work on this with Bruce.”

Eventually, the creators would love to see Dark Specter turned into a series and expound upon the story-line.  For now, they are enjoying the positive feedback and will continue to present the Dark Specter at film festivals.

Public release of Dark Specter 2 is slated for April 2019.

Bruce Nachsin

Bruce Nachsin fell into the acting world after an ill advised foray into the world of fine woodworking revealed very specific and life threatening allergies.  He has been writing and producing for 8 years, starting with his original attempt to create a personal film school in the guise of his comedic 10 episode web series Under the Doghouse.

It was out of his time as a member of Fred Willard’s MoHo’s that Bruce wrote a sketch that would go on to be the impetus of Dark Specter and a series was born. His other works include, Approve-O, Nothing Personal, Searching for the Words and his upcoming directorial debut: Lunchtime is Over. Bruce is a man with only one real skill that likes to masquerade itself as many.

Richard Tatum

Richard Tatum began directing while at the National Theatre Institute at the Eugene O’Neill Center, but since arriving in Los Angeles, he has directed a wide variety of award-nominated works for companies such as Second City Hollywood, The LA Theatre Ensemble, the Blank Theatre, The Neo Ensemble, Absolute Theatre, Ark Theatre (where he was Associate Artistic Director for 8 years), Theater West, and Slamdance Onstage, to name a few. In other media, he has directed several festival-selected short films including Dark Specter II, Sock Puppet, Health & Disorder, The Other Side of the Desk, episodes of the series Nothing Personal, Becky and Kate: Works In Progress, and The Stalker Chronicles, as well as radio commercials, plays for radio and the comedy CD Bushwa!. Richard is also a multi-award nominated actor, whose 30-year career spans stage, film, TV, commercials, cartoons and videogames. He is a proud graduate of Oberlin College, Directors Lab West, The Second City’s Directing, Conservatory and Musical Improv programs, and is a member of the SDC.

Manuel Gutierrez

Manuel Gutierrez was born in Bogota, Colombia 34 years ago, has been involved behind the scenes of film and TV for about 12 years. With the majority of credits being as a foley artist, sound editor and designer.

At age 22, Manuel decided his native Colombia didn’t offer what he needed to develop as an artist and decided to take the giant leap and move to Los Angeles.

His award winning producing and screenwriting career started with Dark Specter 2 in 2016 and has continued building up with titles such as, Nothing Personal, Baby In a Box. As well as the currently developing titles In The Here and Now, Liquid, and the documentary I Wasn’t Born yo Follow.